Humpty Dumpty Toy Library

Conditions of Membership


Please read the following carefully

As members of the Humpty Dumpty Toy Library, you are responsible for the items borrowed. Please return borrowed items in clean condition.

Members may borrow a maximum of four items for two weeks before they need to be returned or renewed - items can be renewed once.

Please take care to ensure toys aren’t left outside in the Pilbara elements, as this significantly reduces their lifespan. Do not leave water in the water tables overnight. In the event of a cyclone, you are responsible for securing any outdoor toys.

Each Member is responsible for counting the pieces of each toy BEFORE it is borrowed.

If any pieces are missing or damaged please inform the Co-ordinator.

Any toys brought back with missing pieces will be renewed to give the Member additional time to find these pieces before any fines are issued. Most pieces turn up eventually! 

We understand that sometimes accidents do happen. If an item is damaged, lost or pieces missing – small fines may apply to cover the cost of the replacement. This will be assessed by the Co-ordinator. If missing pieces/damage to the toy renders it unusable, you will be asked to replace the toy.

We ask that all Members complete ‘Toy Library Duty’ at least once during their membership. Toy Library duty involves a 2 hour session when you can come in and help with checking in toys, cleaning or other contributions over the year. It can be a great way to meet other parents. Your support is greatly appreciated!

If you are unable to bring toys back to the Toy Library by their due date, please email or send us a message via our Facebook page. TOYS MUST BE RENEWED BEFORE THEY ARE OVERDUE. Overdue toys will incur a fine of $5 per week.